Fireplace Installation, Sales, and Service in Randolph, NJ


Although winter temperatures in Randolph, NJ, have begun to subside, now is the best time to have your dependable fireplace to warm yourself by when the weather changes. Turn to Timber Line, N.E. LLC, today for quality fireplace installation, sales, and service you can rely on.

Why Install a Fireplace?


A fireplace is a great asset to have in homes, hotels, and restaurants. Here are some reasons why you should consider a fireplace for your property:

  • A fireplace provides warmth on cold winter days.
  • A fireplace is a convenient meeting spot for friends and family.
  • A fireplace provides a soothing ambiance for your home or business.
  • A fireplace can increase your energy efficiency and decrease your energy bills.

If a fireplace installation is in your future, choose Timber Line, N.E. LLC, to help.

How Can Timber Line, N.E. LLC, Help?


Timber Line, N.E. LLC, provides fireplaces and fireplace inserts to all types of homes and businesses. Those who can benefit most from fireplaces include:

  • Homeowners who want a cozy corner to relax in
  • Business owners who want a relaxing place for people to socialize
  • Hotel managers who want to provide that extra something for their guests

Whatever your reason for a fireplace, there is a gorgeous one waiting for you.

What Does Timber Line, N.E. LLC, Provide?


We are dedicated to providing you with the best fireplace or fireplace insert for your specific property. We sell, install, and service:

  • Full gas, wood, or electric fireplaces
  • Gas, wood, pellet, or electric fireplace inserts
  • Outdoor gas or wood fireplaces

Whatever type of fireplace you want for your home or business, depend on Timber Line, N.E. LLC, for quality products and exceptional service. Call us today at (973) 927-4300 to learn more about our fireplace installation services.